Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cue the Ukeleles

Yesterday I passed over the Rainbow Bridge and am now in Heaven or the Elysian Fields or Nirvana or whatever you would like to call THE BEST PLACE EVER NOT ON EARTH.

This is sad news for Staff and Scully, who I had to leave behind. For me, not so sad. Apparently, when you get up here, you get all of your body parts restored and repaired. So I have a full set of chompers, my front set of claws (which had been removed by the staff before Staff) -- and my MOJO. In full working order. So, to all of the lovely girl angels in their flowing white gowns, let me just say (in my best 1950s Jerry Lewis impression) HELLOOOOO YOUNG LAAAAADIES!

And after that I'm going to knock back margaritas and chow down on some really fresh ahi tuna with my buddies @DCKitty and @Buckypg at the Last Chance Saloon over on Saint George Cloud.

So don't cry for me, Argentina and Australia and America and all points beyond. Remember me fondly.

If you'd like to donate a little something in my memory, please consider Kings Highway Cat Rescue c/o Avery and Avery, 5005 Avenue M, Brooklyn NY 11234. If you want to donate online, go to
and use my email Mulder.Cat.Twitter AT It was Elaine Avery at Kings Highway who organized our job search for new staff and found us Staffpurrson, which worked out pretty well for all concerned.

(Oh, the ukeleles? Those are for the Israel Kamakawiwo╩╗ole version of "Over The Rainbow.")

And... that's all, folks. It's been a pleasure.