Thursday, October 7, 2010

Books I Would Read If I Could, Part 3

Homer's Odyssey by Gwen Cooper is an inspiring memoir of Homer, a little blind black cat who came to live with the author and her two other cats in Miami Beach and ended up in New York City. Homer may have what most humans would consider to be a crippling disability for a cat, but he never got that memo. He's utterly fearless and eternally curious and quite remarkable, and Ms. Cooper has a way with words. Now in paperback and e-book format.

Homer is on Twitter as @HomerBlindCat, and we exchange tweets every so often. Well, he tweets and I make a snarky comeback and he tilts his head just so and thinks, "What the heck is that Mulder smoking, anyway?" but remains unfailingly polite. He may be blind, but he can see right through us wiseacres. He and Gwen are good people. Read the book.


  1. We are definitely going to buy that book. By the time TW gets to it, she'll probably be able to buy it from one of those street-corner bums that sell books in NYC.

  2. Dear Mulder,

    Thanks for your book recommendations and all-around fantastic blog! I hope that you are soon feeling 100% better.

    You are so handsome - you should totally get Staff and Scully to submit your picture to the Lifetime photo contest that ends on October 14th. Hey, maybe you'll win some cash! You can check out more details here:

    Best of luck and I'm sending you lots of get well wishes!