Sunday, June 7, 2009

Who I Live With, Where I Come From

I have a female kitteh for a housemate. Yes, her name is Scully. Yes, that was another one of Staffpurrson's "inspired" ideas. Sigh. She looks sweet, doesn't she? Appearances can be so deceiving.

We were both rescued from a small house in Brooklyn, N.Y., on St. Patrick's Day in 1999. Scully was the one who picked Staffpurrson by jumping up on the kitchen counter, walking right up to him, and yowling very loudly. I was a little more hesitant -- I hid behind four pieces of furniture before the rescue people scooped me out. But once I met Staffpurrson, I knew he was the perfect dupe, er, staff for us. Even if he is part of the Bridge & Tunnel crowd.

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