Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Places to Go Before I Sleep

In my previous post, you will notice two honey-colored blankets behind me. Recently Staffpurrson stacked one on top of the other, and BING! My second-favorite sleeping spot. The house statistician claims that I spend 62.8% of my sleep time sitting, reclining, or snoozing on these blankets.

They are Columbia Solid Pique Fleece Throws. Staffpurrson bought his from Amazon last December, but they're out of stock now. He says they are currently available at for about $21. I recommend them to any cat that likes a warm and cozy blanket.

The remaining 37.2% of my sleep time is spent in a variety of places:

(1) On Staffpurrson's lap, depending upon Staffpurrson's mood. I may be his boss, but he's bigger than me.
(2) Under the bed, usually in the middle by the wall, where Staffpurrson can't reach me.
(3) On the cotton coverlet on the bed, when I feel the need to cool off rather than warm up.
(4) On the living roof sofa, which has a cooling canvas slipcover.
(5) In the round foam cat bed, lined with an old quilt, on one of the dining room chairs.
(6) In Scully's Amazon tower -- three boxes, stuffed with old clothes and stacked on top of each other -- that's lined with an old cotton towel.

When I'm really, really ticked off at Staffpurrson -- something that has happened only twice in 10 years, both times after dental surgery -- I will back myself into the deepest, darkest corner of the bedroom closet, underneath the winter clothes and behind the dress shoes. That is where I will make my last stand. Until dinnertime, anyway.

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