Monday, June 8, 2009

A Plague Rat Everyone Can Love

I want to show off one of my favorite new toys. It is a Plague Rat, although it is more lovingly referred to among Cats Who Twitter as a Plague Ratsie. It is hand-crafted in England by Sally Pointer using linen, wool, and leather. It has two secret ingredients that drive me stark raving bonkers: catnip (the usual suspect) and valerian root (not so usual), which gives it a uniquely pungent scent. I love to lick it, kick it, bite it, bat it around, and tuck it under my body so that Scully can't get to it. It's delish.

I won mine in a Twitter contest, but us Yanks can buy them at for $6.99. (Just google Plague Rat Cat Toy.) I recommend it highly. Scully would, too, if she could stop biting it long enough to say so. (See below.)

Now pardon me while I go find that sucker and give it a good once-over.

1 comment:

  1. You guyz look likes youz havin fun wif your Ratsies. Momma bought some for my catsibs and dey luvz dem. BabyPatches momma's store is da bestest store on da planet! Woofs